About Us

MVL Solutions is part of the award winning SFP restructuring team, which has for almost 20 years provided an unrivalled mix of tailored services for business owners, accountants and lenders.

Having set up our MVL department back in 2013 and now specialising in the contractor Industry, we have rapidly grown to become one of the largest MVL providers in the UK.

Our MVL processes and systems have evolved to ensure a joined up approach with your accountant.

This in turn facilitates a smooth company transition into MVL and ultimately a fast track route to getting your cash back.

Senior Team

Richard Hunt – Director

Richard has worked at SFP Group for over 11 years. Richard is a qualified insolvency practitioner and chartered accountant, holding the JIEB, ACA and CPI qualifications. Richard currently acts as officeholder over the firms MVL’s, CVL’s, CVA’s and certain Administrations, whilst also directly overseeing the firm’s compliance, treasury and tax departments.

David Kemp – Director

After joining SFP in 2006 as a fresh faced law graduate, David completed his CPI and JIE qualifications and is now an appointment taking Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and Director at SFP. He works nationally with lenders, accountants, and business owners to provide clear and appropriate guidance on restructuring matters, always striving to find innovative ways to help businesses survive.

David Kerr – Associate

David is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with a strong background in insolvency regulation. David was involved in leading the insolvency regulation teams in the two largest Recognised Professional Bodies, ICAEW and the Insolvency Practitioners Association, latterly in a ten-year spell as Chief Executive Officer of the IPA.

David Hughes – Senior Manager

David joined SFP in January 2021 and brings with him more than 20 years cross sector insolvency experience gained as both and appointment taking Insolvency Practitioner in practice and more recently with the ICAEW as part of their Professional Standards Department. David is Senior Manager with the remit of overseeing the MVL Team.

Robert Welby – Consultant to SFP

Robert has been with SFP for over 10 years. Robert is a chartered accountant and licensed Insolvency Practitioner, with over 25 years’ experience in forensic accountancy for the legal, insolvency and lending sectors and for Government departments.

Meeta Bhatti – Manager

Meeta has over 15 years’ corporate recovery experience, specialising in Members’ Voluntary Liquidations. Meeta started her career at one of the big 4 professional service firms, dealing with some high profile clients. Meeta is now involved in the rapidly growing Members Voluntary Liquidations team.

Pre Appointment Team

Kieren O’Connor – Head of Sales

Kieren joined SFP Group in 2019. With over 9 years sales experience including vast experience managing high performing sales teams. He now oversees the MVL pre-appointment team to make sure we are delivering the best service to every client we deal with.

Kirsty Mills – Senior Project Co-ordinator

Kirsty recently joined SFP as a senior consultant, heading up the Unsecured Business Loans team. She now brings over 15 years of experience in team management, partner relations and process development to the MVL pre appointment team.

Laura Kenna – Senior Consultant

Laura joined SFP Group in 2017. Laura has almost 5 years’ experience in Insolvency and more specifically working on Members Voluntary Liquidations. She initially started the group as an Administrator in the post appointment team and more recently has now worked her way up to become a Senior Consultant in the pre appointment team, dealing with clients and MVL’s up until the point of company liquidation.

Molly Smith – Senior Consultant

Molly joined SFP in March 2019. She has joined the MVL pre appointment team as an Administrator and assists in dealing with new leads and appointing new cases. Molly has developed her insolvency knowledge and continues to grow within the team.

Grace Burton – Senior Consultant

Grace joined SFP in November 2020 in the MVL pre-appointment team as a consultant. She obtained her degree from The University of Nottingham, and has experience working in the legal and retail sectors. She will be responsible for dealing with new leads and appointing cases within the team.

Post Appointment Team

Scott Parish – Assistant Manager

Scott joined SFP Group in November having previously worked at two top 20 accountancy firms. Scott has over 15 years corporate recovery experience, specialising in MVLs and CVLs. He successfully completed his CPI qualification and now heads up the MVL closing team.

Marva Riaz – Assistant Manager

Marva joined SFP Group in February 2019. Marva has 3 years’ experience in insolvency with vast experience in Members Voluntary Liquidations. Marva is an Administrator in SFP Group’s MVL team and deals primarily with post appointment administration.

Natalie Brady – Team Leader

Natalie joined SFP in October 2020 and has over twelve years’ experience in insolvency, dealing with all aspects involved with insolvency processes. Natalie is a Senior Administrator in SFP Group’s MVL team and primarily deals with the closure of cases.

Safa Riaz – Team Leader

Safa joined SFP Group in January 2020. Safa has over 4 years experiences as an administrator within the legal and insolvency field. Safa is an Administrator in SFP Group’s growing MVL team and deals mainly with post appointment administration.

Claire Harris – Team Leader

Claire joined SFP Group as an Administrator in June 2020. She has worked in the Insolvency industry for 5 years, dealing with a range of personal and corporate insolvencies. She has joined the Members Voluntary Liquidation team dealing with the day to day running cases.

Maria Cole – Senior Administrator

Maria joined SFP in February 2021 and has 18 years experience in insolvency, dealing with all aspects of insolvency but predominantly CVLS & MVLS.  She is Senior Administrator and is working primarily within the MVL closure team.

Sheena Patel – Senior Administrator

Sheena is a qualified FCA with approximately 10 years of experience in restructuring and insolvency. Previously, before taking a career break, she worked in a top 5 accountancy firm and enjoyed a wide practice undertaking Independent Business Reviews. She has also enjoyed a 10 month secondment in the commercial lending department in one of the largest high-street banks in the UK.  She currently works part-time within the SFP MVL team and deals primarily with closures.

Abigail Collins – Team Co-ordinator

Abigail joined SFP in March 2020 bringing with her 2 years of insolvency experience. She is now part of the Members’ Voluntary Liquidations (MVL) Team as Administrator. She has experience of both CVL’s and MVL’s and now takes on her own case load. Abigail has a 2:1 degree in History.

Kirsty Pettifor – Team Co-ordinator

Kirsty began working for the group in 2015. As Team Assistant, Kirsty assists all of the divisions within the group and maintains the daily running of the office. Now as a team assistant for the MVL team helping the team with daily tasks to keep cases running smoothly. She continues to develop her insolvency knowledge by working and growing with the team.

Carriah Sutherland – Team Co-ordinator

Carriah Joined SFP Group’s growing MVL Case Progression team in August 2021. She has 2 years Insolvency experience and also in the legal sector. Her daily role at SFP mainly consists of the progression of cases. Carriah has a 2:1 degree in Law

Ronarba Muci – Administrator

Ronarba joined SFP in August 2021 as an Administrator for the MVL Case Progression Team. Her passion and devotion are helping her to develop Insolvency knowledge and assist MVL Team on the day-to-day duties. She graduated from London Metropolitan University with a degree of International Banking and Finance.

Sarah Crick-Linton – Administrator

Sarah joined SFP in September 2021, having previously worked at one of the top 6 professionals service firms.  She has over 6 years experience in corporate recovery and will be working as an Administrator in the MVL Case Progression team.

Maia Harper – Administrator

Maia started at SFP in February 2021. She is pre-team assistant for the MVL team, her daily role consists of assisting consultants with the preparation of various documents. Maia graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in International Event Management with Marketing.

Pavan Dave – Administrator

Pavan joined SFP in July 2021 as a Team Assistant for the MVL Case Progression team. He assists in the progression and closure of MVL Cases by carrying out tasks such as preparing documents and calling HMRC. Pavan graduated from university with a 2.1 in Economics.

Jessica Freitag – MVL Team Assistant

Jessica joined SFP in March 2021 as MVL Pre Team Assistant for the MVL Team. She is developing her insolvency knowledge and provides support, ensuring the smooth operation of the MVL process.

Daniel Slater – MVL Team Assistant

Daniel joined SFP in July 202 as Team Assistant for the MVL Case Progression Team. His daily role consists of assisting consultants with the preparation of various documents and calling HMRC. Daniel had no insolvency background but is learning every day on the job.

Ola Sadowska – Team Assistant

Anxhela Mahmuti – Team Assistant

Anxhela joined SFP in November 2021 as MVL Team Assistant and is now part of the MVL closure team. She had no insolvency background, but she is developing her knowledge every day by assisting the closure team with the preparation of various documents. Anxhela graduated from the University of Greenwich with a MSc degree in Accounting and Finance.

Olivia Pascale – Team Assistant

Olivia joined SFP in December 2021 as a Team Assistant, working alongside admins to help assist/complete tasks where needed. Prior to SFP Olivia had no insolvency experience but is keen to learn and progress.

Maddison Lavine Ellis – Team Assistant

Maddison joined SFP in December 2021 as a Team Assistant in the MVL team, assisting the case administrators with day-to-day duties. Maddison had no prior insolvency experience but develops her knowledge every day.